Michonis, kindly Prison Inspector, who tried to help Marie Antoinette escape, and lost his life as a result.

“I am writing to you, my dear child, to tell you I am calm and would be quite at peace if I knew that my poor children were free from anxiety. I love you both with all my heart.”

Marie Antoinette had been transferred from the Temple Tower Prison to the Conciergerie Prison, away from her children. The revolutionaries delighted in heaping every sort of indignity on the Queen.

One such was to leave her without clean underclothes for ten days – an excruciating torment for any woman – but especially for a menstruating woman.

Michonis, the kindly Prison Inspector, risked his life to take this letter to Marie Antoinette’s daughter, and then bring back clothes for the Queen from the Temple Tower.

He would soon lose his life because of his devotion to the Queen.