Elisabeth, Marie Antoinette's sister in law. Queen, in tears begged her to look after her children, when she was taken away from them.

“Adieu, my good and loving sister. May this letter reach you.”

How could we forget Princess Elisabeth, Marie Antoinette’s sister in law? 

These two had often been at loggerheads in the past. There had even been some frostiness at the beginning of their imprisonment, but, as their captivity progressed, and first her husband, then her little boy were removed from Marie Antoinette, Elisabeth became more and more of a support to the suffering Marie Antoinette.

Thus it was that, in her final moments, Marie Antoinette wrote her Will and addressed it to her sister in law, believing that Elisabeth would be permitted to raise her beloved children.

But it was not to be. Elisabeth never saw the Will. And she was guillotined 8 months after Marie Antoinette – leaving Marie Antoinette’s orphaned children alone in their separate cells, to endure their own nightmarish imprisonment.